Intro to RIO

RIO was created to address the challenges of plastic waste that plague our oceans and waterways around the world. RIO’s primary mission is to end the dumping of plastic waste in our oceans and work to greatly reduce the plastic waste that is already collected there.

RIO, was the brainchild of a forth generation Fisherman from Ireland, Kieran Kelly.

By partnering with indigenous fishermen worldwide, RIO is a World leader in Ocean Plastic Cleanups. RIO also has patented technology to stop all plastics in rivers including Micro Plastics. Unlike other companies and organizations that have surface skimmers that stop only plastic on the surface of these rivers, RIO’s device works throughout the water column.

By hiring local fishermen all over the world, we clean the world’s waters while stimulating local economies. We revitalize crucial industries like fisheries and tourism. We provide valuable jobs, that improve waste management and create a more sustainable ecosystem.

RIO works with patented equipment and local communities to educate and implement new waste management and recycling systems.

Rio’s trash for Cash program has been a massive success

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

RIO : – Ocean Integiry

Collects over 500,000 kilo’s of plastic in Indonesia most weeks

Fishermen catch over 60 kilos of Plastic for only 1 kilos of Fish in this Region

Fighting plastic waste is so important for the survival of these Indigenous Fishermen

Jerome after removing Hundreds of Kilos of old Nets from the Ocean in India

Offloading the boats in a indigenous fishing village in Indonesia

RIO's CEO Kieran Kelly leads by example

Truckloads of plastic arrive daily from the fishing villages to be weighed before being put on our Blockchain


“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

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Plastic credit

By help clean our Oceans

RIO has developed an innovative plastic offset program similar to the highly successful carbon offset programs, enabling businesses small and large to become Plastic Neutral. Our three step Plastic Neutral program for businesses starts with a detailed assessment of your business’s plastic consumption in order to establish your total plastic footprint. Next, we propose a plastic reduction strategy that helps you reduce your plastic consumption in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally, we develop a plastic offset program whereby the balance of your plastic footprint (after reductions) is offset against Plastic collections projects that will remove and recycle a volume of plastic waste from the environment.

By following these principles, our program provides key strategies to allow companies to eliminate harmful plastics, substitute unsustainable ones and circulate those which can be effectively recycled. This will create a zero plastic-to-landfill plan, with the remainder being able to be offset similar to Carbon credits.

Being plastic neutral means that for every amount of plastic created, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the ocean or waterways by RIO.

Brand action is crucial in this age of exponential environmental degradation. So much so that global consumers are actively seeking sustainable brands that take action to recognize and combat the magnitude of our climate emergency. To pursue sustainable causes today would be beneficial to the business, the planet, and its people.
Businesses depend on plastics because of their versatile nature and despite the harm they have inflicted on our environment, sustainable alternatives are difficult to find. The best way for brands to tackle the issue is to take responsibility for the plastic waste generated by measuring and compensating the same amount. You can become a Steward of the Earth by becoming Plastic Neutral today. Why not help clean our Ocean by doing so.

This PlasticNeutral certification is a way for businesses to connect with and deliver their commitment to ethical and environmental values. In today’s increasingly aware, consumer-driven markets, there is a growing demand for businesses to go plastic-free or provide alternatives to it. But if we were to take a step back and analyze our alternatives, we would quickly come to the conclusion that all the potential substitutes have similar or even higher environmental footprints. Cardboard, glass, and cotton are considered the closest alternatives but have proven to have higher carbon footprints than plastic.

Plastic Neutrality can solve the problem of our growing plastic waste by strengthening our waste management systems. It’s a way for brands to take out the same amount of plastic that they put into the world. On behalf of your brand, Global Oceans Integrity (GOI) measures the amount of plastic you generate and funds the removal of the same amount from oceans and landfills by their trusted waste management partners. The waste management partners, ranging from South Africa to Colombia, India to Indonesia collect and reuse the low value plastics that would be neglected in landfills for over a thousand years. Waste workers who carry out the processes in these partner facilities also benefit from PlasticNeutral projects.

Additional income, mobile health clinics, effective sanitary solutions are some of the provisions that help improve their overall quality of life.

Plastic Offset Program

The road to sustainability is a long one,
but kickstarting it shouldn’t drain your bandwidth or empty your bank. With Global Ocean Integrity (GOI), you get to take clear and credible environmental action that your customers can trust. Learn more about Plastic Neutrality and other impact offerings to get started on your impact journey and rewrite our planet’s future, today.

We help you go Plastic Neutral to finance clear, genuine, and catalytic action against plastic pollution today.

Your funding enables our Impact Projects worldwide to eliminate as much plastic waste from nature as you business creates.

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