Innovative plastic offset program

RIO has developed an innovative plastic offset program similar to the highly successful carbon offset programs, enabling businesses small and large to become Plastic Neutral.


Start with detailed assessment of your business’s plastic consumption in order to establish your total plastic footprint.


Next, we propose a plastic reduction strategy that helps you reduce your plastic consumption in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Finally, we develop a plastic offset program whereby the balance of your plastic footprint (after reductions) is offset against Plastic collections projects that will remove and recycle a volume of plastic waste from the environment.

By following these principles, our program provides key strategies to allow companies to eliminate harmful plastics, substitute unsustainable ones and circulate those which can be effectively recycled. This will create a zero plastic-to-landfill plan, with the remainder being able to be offset similar to Carbon credits.


Blue oceans net waste management program

RIO has partnered with the world’s premier recyclers to process all nets recovered under the Blue Oceans Program. The quality of net materials allows for advanced recycling methods to be used to upcycle and directly offset other plastic usage. The remainder of the collected plastics are directed to RIO’s Blue Sky Program which builds low-cost housing from materials made with recycled plastic aggregate. RIO will collect all the waste plastics and old netting and provide recycling certificates which can be used to offset the plastic footprint of the individual vessel, fleet or company.

Blue skies housing social program

The Blue Skies Housing Program will neutralize over 1 million pounds of waste plastic weekly. The plastic is recycled into aggregate for bricks, foundations and retaining walls used in building new homes and schools. Collected plastics are directed to RIO’s Blue Skies Housing Program which builds low-cost housing for local communities. RIO is starting a housing pilot program within the Jakarta community and will incorporate additional Eco-friendly technologies.